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Old Time Metuchen-Edison Photos
[A volunteer effort by Jim Halpin - special thanks to the contributors, including the Metuchen Edison Historical Society]

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People and Groups

Here are some photos from old time Metuchen-Edison area groups...

Can you identify any of the people?

50 year class reunion MHS Majercik Family 17 Cutter Avenue Edison (late 1950s)
Gene Haley Democratic Candidates 1971
87 year old Metuchen resident in action St Francis 8th Grade Girls 1969
Winter 60-61 Edgar School kids 1961
MHS Football 1971 Pop Warner 1967
Pop Warner 1966 Pop Warner 1965
Metuchen Police Chiefs Christmas 1971
Samuel King (Ayers-Allen house) Parade Fall 1971
St Francis Parish Picnic 1949 Washington School 1955 2nd grade
MHS Class of 1949 Edgar Playground 1963
YMCA Metuchen Radio Club MHS Cheerleaders 1939-40
Saint Francis 8th Grade Boys 1969 MHS Cheerleaders 1955-56
August 1942 Send-off (WWII recruits off to war) Metuchen Police Department 1970 and 1993
Astronomy Club (circa 1939) Edgar School 1st Grade 1929
Metuchen Grammar School 1920's Early picture of Metuchen Fire Dept
Early Township school (pre 1920) Metuchen First Aid Squad (late 1940s)
Perrino and Markano families Metuchen Grammar School (class of 1931)
Edison Fire Dept (Raritan Twp) 1925 Metuchen High Class of '40
Police Chief Perrino and the chief 1950 map of North Edison - who lived where
Public Service Electric Railway (Trolley) Service Metuchen Resident bikes from NYC to Philly
St. Louis Cards 1936 Baseball Team in Metuchen Metuchen Pool Opening 8/1/67
Metuchen High Class of '37 Metuchen High Class of '42
Decoration Day Parade 1943 Saint Francis School, June 1930 (End of the First Year)
American Legion World War II Recruits Boy Scout Field Day at Roosevelt Park, June 1936
Saint Francis 8th Grade Boys 1967 Metuchen High School reunion (Classes from 1929 to 1938)
Early Metuchen High School Football Team American Legion Post 65
Birthday Party on Clive Street Bible Study Group 1927
Franklin School children (old class photos) Saint Francis Class of 1934
Holy Name Society 1930's softball team Holy Name Society 1936 softball team
Italian American Civic League softball team Metuchen School 8th grade Class of 1896
Cub Scout Pack 15 Drum Corp - Mid 1950's parade Kiwanis Sweetheart - 1951
Memorial Day Parade 1928 Boys Baseball - 1957
Memorial Day Parade 1948 Metuchen Police Department
Metuchen Fire Department Franklin Elementary School Faculty 1930-31
Skating at Tommy's Pond Washington (Moss) School 3rd grade in the 50's
Franklin School Grade 8B in 1929 Former Metuchen Resident in the news

Have a photo you'd like to share? We're looking for Metuchen-Edison photos prior to 1970. Contact us by email about adding to the collection.

Special thanks to Rita and Jim Halpin, Joseph Germain, Eileen Breen Germain, Elinor Hansen Homann, Mary Johnson, Joseph Perrino, Olga Gubik Hratko, Kris Sullivan, Joanne Meinzer Kane, Bob Lund, Doris Mundy Lund, Henrik (Hank) Hansen, Karl Drake, David Hutchinson, Clyde Fitch, Norma Dalsgard Fitch, Richard Parr, Andy & Barbara Madajewski, Evelyn Weber Hale, Dot and Herb Hansen,Vera Switras, Suzanne Colitre Nann, Caroline Towt, Stan Bozinta, Judi Rodgers, George M Muha, Tyreen Reuter, Eileen Clark, Byron Sondergard, Dr. J Oliver and to everyone else for their efforts in gathering these photos...

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