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Old Time Metuchen-Edison Photos
[A volunteer effort by Jim Halpin - special thanks to the contributors, including the Metuchen Edison Historical Society]

More Places and Things
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1935 Seal 1939 Calendar
Ash Tray 1957 Baseball Schedule
Camp Kilmer Camp Kilmer
Camp Kilmer Camp Kilmer
Camp Kilmer Camp Kilmer
Camp Kilmer Camp Kilmer
Camp Raritan 1917 Camp Raritan 1917
St Joe's Catechism 1943 Metuchen Christmas 1941
Edgar Clay ad Edison Police Patch
Elks Club Coin 1961 Ham Radio postcard 1938
Middlesex Cycle Co. receipt 1938 Railroad Journal 1942
Washington School 1938 envelope
1943 MHS Commencement 1943 MHS Commencement
American Legion Baltimore Diner
Boro Hall Camp Raritan
Civic Club Dutch Reformed Church
Early Raritan Engine Co. Lincoln Hwy 1920s
Ford Plant 1949 George Muha answers question
Main Street with horse and buggy Graham Avenue 1907
Franklin MHS Methodist Church 1928
Franklin MHS Fire headline Camp Kilmer 1942
Main Street Train Station Masonic Temple
Franklin School H M Alden Residence
Metuchen Club M Freeman Residence
Williams Residence Early MFD
MHS 1958 Dedication MHS Opens (1958 headline)
Metuchen Memorial Park Arline Owen poem
1945 Piano Recital 1945 Piano Recital
Myhoks Garage 1930's Graham Avenue 1908
Pennant 1913 Rossmeyer and Weber ad
Metuchen Train Station Roosevelt Hospital 1920
Lupo Farm (Oak Tree)
circa 1900 (thanks to Bill Carroll)
Central Jersey Railroads 1868
St Joe's 1913 St Francis Church 1918
St Francis Graduation 1945 St Francis Graduation 1945
Washington School Woodbridge Ave 1912
Ham Radio postcard WWII button

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