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Trolley (Electric Railway) System in 1925

Public Service Corporation of New Jersey published a map of its Electric Railway System in 1925: Here is the same map, with the regular railroad lines highlighted in yellow, and the three trolley lines in bright red.
1925 trolley map 1925 trolley map with highlights

The Pennsylvania Railroad line comes out of Rahway, hugging the Lincoln Highway until after Menlo Park where it curves east and then west again, crossing the Lincoln Highway (Route 27) in south west Metuchen. It continues along the South Plainfield side of the Lincoln Highway through Highland Park and into New Brunswick. The Lehigh Valley Railroad comes from Perth Amboy along Amboy Avenue, goes under Main Street, then curves toward South Plainfield, passing the PennRR line near the Lincoln Highway and then crossing the Reading RR Line out behind St. Joe's High School.

Notice that one trolley line runs from the city of New Brunswick along Woodbridge Avenue to Main Street in Bonhamtown, then turns left and follows Main Street to the end - to the train overpass on Clive Street (the corner of Main, Plainfield Ave, Christol St and Clive Street). Another line runs from the corner of Main Street and Amboy Avenue, down Amboy Avenue (parallel to the Lehigh Valley Railroad line) to Perth Amboy. A third line starts at Main Street, where Route 1 is today, crossing the Perth Amboy line and heads north towards Avenel and on to Carteret and Elizabeth.

Some trolley car photos in the collection: On Main Street (Metuchen) in 1912, at the corner of Main and Spring streets (Metuchen), and at the Amboy Avenue crossing (where Route 1 is today). (Press the BACK button to return here).

Click here to view an animated map showing each railroad and trolley line (approx 950KB - press the BACK button to return).

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