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Old Time Metuchen-Edison Photos
[A volunteer effort by Jim Halpin - special thanks to the contributors, including the Metuchen Edison Historical Society]

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Have a photo you'd like to share? We're looking for Metuchen-Edison photos prior to 1970. Contact us by email about adding to the collection.

Special thanks to Rita and Jim Halpin, Joseph Germain, Eileen Breen Germain, Elinor Hansen Homann, Mary Johnson, Joseph Perrino, Olga Gubik Hratko, Kris Sullivan, Joanne Meinzer Kane, Bob Lund, Doris Mundy Lund, Henrik (Hank) Hansen, Karl Drake, David Hutchinson, Clyde Fitch, Norma Dalsgard Fitch, Richard Parr, Andy & Barbara Madajewski, Evelyn Weber Hale, Dot and Herb Hansen,Vera Switras, Suzanne Colitre Nann, Caroline Towt, Stan Bozinta, Dr J. Oliver, George M Muha, Judi Rodgers, Tyreen Reuter, Eileen Clark, Byron Sondergard and to everyone else for their efforts in gathering these photos...

Metuchen-Edison Area Scenes

Places and Things (and a few more people)

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Graham Ave in 1919 Amboy Avenue in 1911 Edgar School 1922
Edgar School spring 1964 Ford Factory 1949 Iselin 1936
John's Diner Masonic Temple 1954 Menlo Coach Diner
Metuchen RR Station 1970's Metuchen house 1910 Metuchen lakeside scene (?)
MHS 1910 (Franklin school) Pines Manor Roosevelt Hospital
Roosevelt Hospital painting by Tim Halpin Roosevelt Motel Roosevelt Park 1933
St Joe's Chapel More Metuchen area water? Shell Station 1960
Woodbridge Ave 1906 Woodwild 1909 YMCA 1954
Oak Tree postcard 1908 Metuchen area Canal!? (Delaware Raritan) Metuchen Street scene
New Market RR Main Street (late 40's, early 50's) Roosevelt Hospital
Metuchen 1964 envelope Metuchen 1886 envelope Lincoln Diner
Sign from HOP (local night spot) K2IZV QSL card Lehigh Valley RR 1930 map
Edison Police Badge Metuchen Police Patch 1932 Area Map
Town Restaurant Louis Restauant 1956 Stephenville Ranch ad
Drake's Hardware Trolley (South Metuchen) Metuchen Train Wreck 1977
Presbyterian Church in the 1950's Franklin School Fire 1957 Where is this (photos taken in 1963)?
1920 Metuchen Athletic Club Early shot of Amboy Avenue BIL building
Campbell's farm on Central Avenue Conover's at 251 Main Conover's at 251 Main (alt view)
Daniel's Hill Dutch Reformed Church Eagle Hook & Ladder
Early shot of Main Street Early Main Street (another view) Methodist Church
Early shot of Graham Ave Hillside Ave Hillside Ave (another view)
Hillside Inn Methodist Church (another time) Main Street
Main Street Woodbridge Avenue Memorial Park
Metuchen Churches Metuchen Club Metuchen Officials
Metuchen Police (50's) Train Station on Main (old) Methodist Church
Methodist Church Methodist Church Middlesex and Main
MHS on New Street Presbyterian Church Presbyterian Church
Elmwood Farm (Pumptown) Spear Residence 1913 Washington Hose Company
Old Metuchen Police and Fire 400 Main Street Graham Ave from High St 1895
Main Street 1900 243 Main Street in early 30's 259 Main Street in early 30's
Trolley at Main and Spring Trolley on Main Street Metuchen Fire Company
Grimstead house MHS 1908 Old School house
Penn RR station on Lake Ave Robins Hall Bloomfield Estate
182 Main Street Edison Valley Playhouse Lehigh Valley RR Station
Metuchen Country Club St Francis Church (pre-1961) St Francis Church (tearing down)
Amboy and Lake Dunham's house Main and New Streets
Raritan Center (Clay Company) 433 Main Street Old St Francis Church
1950 North Edison Map Camp Kilmer (40's) Old Beauty Rest Motel
Clinton Place (around 1910) Metuchen RR Station 1908 Linwood Grove
Roosevelt Park (1930s) Old MHS pin Edison Lanes
Hampton residence print Dummy Line trolley Edison Fire Dept patch
Early Downtown Metuchen    


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