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Metuchen World War I Veterans

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Contents of a plaque formerly in front of the Franklin School, now in Memorial Park:

In Honor of the Men of
The Borough of Metuchen
Who with great devotion
Responded to their country's call
Dedicating themselves unreservedly
To the end that our rights as a Nation
Should be fearlessly maintained
To the eternal memory of

Frank Hummer Harry Hanson
Conklin Smith Edward Fugle

This tablet is erected
To the flower of our young manhood
By the
Citizens of the Borough of Metuchen

Edward L. Breen Winifred S. Flaherty Harold McAdams Isaiah Rolfe
James S. Breen Jr. John Forsythe William T. McAdams Jr. Russell H. Rolfe
William A. Breen William H. Fortner James A. McGuinness Edward C. Rowland Jr.
Robert F. Brown Enos Fouratt Jr. John B. McGuinness Jr. Richard B. Sandford
Ellery L. Bullock Vernon C. Fox Robert McKenzie Nicholas Scarpiello
James A. Burke Charles A. Frohm William V. McKenzie Salvatore Scarpiello
Edward A. Burrough Thomas Fullerton John Metuchie Charles Schmidt
Theodore C. Campbell Charles H. Getty Lemual Miller Harry Schuh
Charles B. Carman James L. Glover Rawson P. Miller Parker W. Silzer
Richard F. Chenowith A. Harold Greenwald Louis J. Moglia Conrad Skoquist
S. Crosby Clarkson George H. Hahm Jr. Leslie B. Molineux William A. Smith
Worrie Coren Foster Hahm Paul R. Molineux William A. Smith Jr.
John H. Corbalis Henry B. Hahm Walter Molineux Emerson A. Sortore
Joseph S. Corbalis John G. Hart Frank S. Morris Edgar B. Spear
Clement Corbalis Andrew Hillier Wilson S. Morris Holden Spear
Reginald B. Crowell C. Arvid Hokanson Hibbert W. Moss Kenneth Spear
Stewart Crowell Jr. James A. Hughes George W. Mundy Milton D. Swackhamer
Francis B. Crowley Harry C. Hulbert James A. Mundy Eugene Tagliaboschi
William J. Cunning Archie Hummer Theodore V. Mundy Louis Tagliaboschi
Edward C. Dana Theodore B. Hunt John B. Nicholas Bertha Tausic
Howard Y. Davis Albert M. Kennan Edward Nolan Walter Tausic
Wesley G. Davis Jacob Kornblatt Soren C. Ostergaard George F. Thighe
David A. deLima Harry Kramer Bishop A. Oxenford Merrill H. Thompson
John J. DeMott Louis F. Kuntz Charles A. Parker Silas Tremblay
John L. Deitche Edwin A. Lake Frederick C. Peck Edwin T. Vanderpoel
Arthur D. Drake Jacob S. Laul James Perronne Emmett Vennett
Edward M. Drake William Lenz Alden Pierson Russell Vennett
James H. Drake Howard Madison Vincent Polacco John W. VanZanten
Manning Drake Andrew Markano Edward L. Potter John Waldron
Albert C. Edgar August Markano Esther M. Powell W. Larmon Wardell
Alfred L. Ellis Abbott W. Martin J. Kingsley Powell Shonberg C. Watson
William Feller Gilbert Martin Charles N. Prickett Henry J. Wilbert
John Feller Joseph Massopust David A. Reid Sam Wiley
Paul F. Fenton Benjamin J. Mayo Frederick Richards Ray P. Wilson
Harold J. Fisher Sterling E. Mayo Frank A. Robinson Herman C. Wittenbert

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