Timber Framing Workshop

By Jim


I attended a 5 day Timber Framing workshop at the Heartwood School in western Massachusetts in August. The workshop was great. Everyone was very friendly, and the instructors (Will and Dave) were patient and very informative. The food was delicious (thanks, Michele), and the atmosphere was just right for putting a novice at ease. I've done stuff around the house, but I am clearly more at ease at a computer keyboard than I am with a chisel.

About half the attendees came from the construction trade, and they were paired up with the rest of us as we cut timbers for a small frame. We had some classroom time in the evening, but we spent most of the first four days cutting mortises and tenons using hand tools. On Friday, we hauled the timbers to the owner's site and raised the frame. All in all, it was a great time and I learned quite a bit.

My goal is to cut timbers for a small house. This workshop was the first step.

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