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As I try to learn about timber framing, I've found that a complicated part of the process is translating the plans into a set of cutting instructions. Not everything is explicitly noted, and the joinery must be very precisely cut or you end up with expensive firewood. At the workshop, we laid out the cuts in pencil on each timber, but no one made any cuts until those pencil marks were double-checked. I wrote the software to help me analyze the plans and to try to slow myself down - there is no one to double-check my work here.

As I wrote the software, I decided that other people might find it useful. I added some features to the timber cut list...

Some of the data has already been entered (for example, there are quite a few entries in the Glossary), but other lists can be populated as you use the software. If the software becomes popular, maybe the Guild and the various schools will "publish" data for the rest of us to add - I'd have to modify the software to add the import/export function, but that wouldn't be a big deal.

The software is free. You can download the installation file here. Save it to your hard drive, then run the install. It requires Windows (98 or newer), and you really need at least an 800 x600 screen resolution to run it (a higher resolution works much better). It comes with an uninstall routine if you want to get rid of it, and it doesn't make any entries in your system registry. All files go into one folder (it does create sub-folders in that installation folder, but stuff is not spread out all over your system).

This is version #1. Feel free to send comments, criticisms, and suggestions to

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