Welcome to Jim's Basement Tapes

First, my apologies to the composers who wrote these songs and to the artists who made the songs famous. Second, apologies to Bob Dylan; these are my basement tapes, not yours.

Using my digital piano, computer, midi synthesizer enabled sound card, and a $30 headset/microphone combination, I record these songs (literally) in my basement. The sour notes and the mis-timed notes and the odd mixes are all my doing, since I play all of the instruments, sing, record, and mix everything that you hear. [As for the drums, I either play them on the keyboard as another midi voice or I use some pre-recorded drum loops - sometimes I use both methods on the same song.] I'm having fun, and I'm learning a lot as I do this. If you enjoy music, give this home recording stuff a try - highly recommended.

Here are some notes about each recording:

Mrs. Brown, you've got a lovely daughter


1965 Herman's Hermits

Uncle Tom


My very first original composition (you've been warned!)

Volume 2


Here are the next 20 songs... (numbers 26 through 45).

Volume 1


The first 25 songs I recorded are here...

My Equipment


The home studio for beginners