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First, my apologies to the composers who wrote these songs and to the artists who made the songs famous. Second, apologies to Bob Dylan; these are my basement tapes, not yours.

Using my digital piano, computer, midi synthesizer enabled sound card, and a $30 headset/microphone combination, I record these songs (literally) in my basement. The sour notes and the mis-timed notes and the odd mixes are all my doing, since I play all of the instruments, sing, record, and mix everything that you hear. [As for the drums, I either play them on the keyboard as another midi voice or I use some pre-recorded drum loops - sometimes I use both methods on the same song.] I'm having fun, and I'm learning a lot as I do this. If you enjoy music, give this home recording stuff a try - highly recommended.

As Billy Joel wrote, "you never heard the words to your favorite song through a 3 inch speaker". So it is here: these songs sound better on CD. If you're interested, you can download the track by clicking on the down-arrow to the right of the song title (on the MP3 player above) and then burn it to a CD. The songs sound better on CD, but that doesn't really tell you much, now does it?

Note - if you can't hear this music or don't see the music controls on any of these pages, it's probably being restricted by your browser. The streaming MP3s come from a flash app. You might need to get Macromedia Flash player (free) or click on the player to allow it to work.

Special thanks to Bill Marquart for his advice and encouragement. He's my cousin, and he's been doing this for about 40 years. For a more professionally recorded sound, check out Bill's site: www.marquartmusic.com.

Here are some notes about each recording:

Mrs. Brown, you've got a lovely daughter


1965 Herman's Hermits

Uncle Tom


My very first original composition (you've been warned!)

Volume 2


Here are the next 20 songs... (numbers 26 through 45).

Volume 1


The first 25 songs I recorded are here...

My Equipment


The home studio for beginners