My Equipment

By Jim


I record using the following equipment:

The Casio is a great keyboard. The keys have a weighted action to make it feel just like a piano, and it has a nice set of midi voices. This is my first midi experience, so I have nothing to compare it to, but the equipment works very well. I used the USB midi software driver. My sound card is a SB Audigy, but the midi connection must have been an option that Dell chose not to include. The USB connection works fine.

Cakewalk's software is very powerful. The documentation that comes in the box is totally inadequate, but there is some good help on their web site, and there are several decent books available to fill in the gaps. I purchased two:

The problem with powerful software for a beginner (such as myself) is that you have no idea what things are called and you have no idea about what you are trying to do. It's a learning experience. The test will be if my output improves with each song. I'll comment more on the software, books, and process and tell you what I did wrong with each song.