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1947 Metuchen Guide

BG's 1947 Metuchen Guide to Better Business and Pleasure was distributed in late 1946. It contained a Classified Business Directory, listing the merchants alphabetically by category. You can download this software, containing the 1947 directory, for free... it lets you sort the directory by name, by street, by phone number and by category at the click of a tab. Take a look at Main Street in 1947, for example, with all of the businesses listed in order by address.

The software requires Windows 3.x or Windows 95, and comes in a self extracting zip file. Everything needed to run the software goes in a single sub-directory on your disk; no system files are added, deleted or changed. The programs and data files take up 1.1 megabytes of space.

To download the software (609Kb file size), click on the link below. Your browser will then ask you what to do with the file; save it to a disk on your computer system. The zip file is called m1947zip.exe, and it contains everything you need (zipped to save download time). After the file has been downloaded, use File Manager (Win 3.x) or Explorer (Win95) to click on m1947zip.exe to extract the software and data files. The extraction software suggests a sub-directory called c:\metuchen on your drive as the destination for the files; you can change this if you want - just make sure the destination drive has the 1.1Mb of free space required. After the files have been extracted, you can safely erase m1947zip.exe from your drive to save room (optional).

To run the software, click on met1947.exe. The software lets you browse the directory, switching sort order by clicking on the tabs. Notice the VCR-type controls, used to skip forward and back through the listings. You can jump to a particular letter by clicking on the sort tab of your choice and then typing the letter.

The reports let you print the entire list in any order, and they also have a built in query function you can use to produce a shorter list. Several queries are supplied as examples. All reports can be previewed on screen before you waste any paper.

To erase the software, simply delete the c:\metuchen sub-directory (or the location you specified, if you changed the suggestion); no other system files are affected in any way. If you have any questions about the software, send your question by email to:

Click Here to download m1947zip.exe


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Last updated 4/20/2001.

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