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(As published in the 1947 Metuchen Guide to Better Business and Pleasure)

In the year of 1670, approximately 70 Dutch and English Settlers mostly from New England, received title to their lands located 10 miles Southwest of Newark and 6 miles North of New Brunswick. At that time, this territory was dominated by an Indian Chief known as Matouchin, the term meaning Rolling Land, the natural scenery here being the most attractive of any between New York and Philadelphia.

Metuchen became populated by peoples of all denominations. The churches are largely responsible for the steady progress of this community. It being the center of interest and inspiration to all. Metuchen became known as the ''Brainy Borough'' in the early years of the eighteen hundreds when it was first becoming popular as a residential community. Many prominent professional people from New York have made their home here, such at H. M. Alden, Editor of Harper's Monthly Magazine; S.S. Carvalho, Business Manager of Hearst Papers; Mrs. Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Distinguished Novelist; Mrs. Poole, Editor of Good Housekeeping; Ada Foster, Poetess for the Sun; Miss Anna Lent, Editorial Writer for the Ladies' Home Journal; scores of outstanding artists, including William Hart, President of the American Academy. Today, the Borough of Metuchen, with a population of over 7,000, is one of the state's most distinguished residential communities. Its residents, including many out-of-town businessmen, takes pride, not only in fine dwellings and shaded streets, but also in cultural pursuits. The progressive ability of its borough citizens is manifested in the fact that Metuchen today has a modern Library, Post Office, Fire Department, a two-way Radio Police Car System, and a Sewage Disposal Plant. Metuchen is becoming increasingly popular as the Main Business Center for the whole surrounding territory because it possesses excellent commuting facilities, by way of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Bus, and Taxi Service. Also a thorough commercial Service is rendered the local industries by the Lehigh Valley and Reading Railroads. A fine network of improved highways runs through the Borough. The community is proud of its fine school system. From grammar to high school, graduates have carried on well in important colleges throughout the country. There are numerous playgrounds in the Borough where children and grown-ups can participate in all types of athletic endeavor. Its Municipal Building, where all of the Borough Offices are located, is one of the many attractive structures within the Borough. The local churches, associations, clubs and societies carry on many of the social and athletic functions, making this an ideal family Community.

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