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The 100 building lots of David G Thomas

Metuchen, New Jersey - 1881

The property surrounded by Main Street, Amboy Avenue (back then, the Perth Amboy Turnpike), Lake Avenue (Lake Street) and High Street was owned primarily by David G. Thomas, and in 1881, a map was made which divided the property into 100 building lots. The map shows existing structures in the area, most of which were on pieces of property not owned by Mr. Thomas. On the map, Franklin place is called Division Street, and the Lehigh Valley Railroad right of way is clearly noted - the railroad was put in less than ten years earlier.

The map is presented here in 3 sections for ease of viewing:

Map part 1

Map part 2

Map part 3

Nine structures back then... how many today? Some structures, like the Church on Amboy Avenue, have been replaced. Quite a few of the homes still exist. Some of the building lots remain vacant (Tommy's pond), while others have been divided further (junction of Spring and Graham, north and south corners). If you have more details, send them to us... add to the fun.

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Map courtesy of Rita Halpin

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