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Metuchen Recorder

Saturday, March 17, 1900

Disastrous Fire

On Thursday night last at 7:45, the stable of the Brunswick Hotel was discovered to be on fire. The alarm was immediately given, and both fire companies were soon at the scene. The Eagles were the first to get in action, but the Washingtons in a few moments joined them, and both, in spite of the unfavorable weather, worked faithfully and soon the flames were under control and extinguished.

Matt Williams, a resident of this place, employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company as a night track walker, was asleep in the barn and becoming unconscious, could not be rescued by the most persistent efforts which were made, and he was burned to death. He was an unmarried man about thirty years old, and made his home with his parents. After the flames were extinguished the remains of the unfortunate victim were taken out and under the directions of the county officer, who had been communicated with by telephone, were taken in charge by Undertaker Ayers.

The wind was blowing away from the buildings on Main street, at the time, or it would have been almost impossible to prevent a large and destructive fire. The result has clearly shown the great advantage of having two fire companies in the village, as one alone could not have met the emergency.

The firemen of both companies worked heroically and harmoniously together; nearly all of them were pretty well drenched before they finished the work.

The building was partly [illegible]. There were no horses nor carriages in the stable at the time. The advantage of a telephone system with a central office in town was manifest. The operators were kept busy answering calls from all parts of the town, and from adjacent places. The sympathy of all is offered to the family of the victim of the flames, as well as to Mr. Becker for his loss.

Brief Records

Mr. C.C. Campbell has sold the lot of Mrs. Edwards on the corner of Home street and Woodbridge avenue to Mr. Nathan Ayers. Mr. Ayers will build a home for himself on the lot soon.

In and Around the Village

New Dover Notes - Mr. John Hagedorn is very busy in his blacksmith shop.

Oak Tree - George Stover, our genial postmaster, is laid up with the grip.

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