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Metuchen Recorder

Saturday, March 10, 1900

Metuchen Borough

The Bill Passed in the House on Wednesday by 49 to 1 - Senate to Act Next Week

The Bill creating the borough of Metuchen has had a lively time of it in the Legislature, owing mainly to the fact that no member of the Legislature is a resident of this vicinity, and therefore personally acquainted with the facts in the case, and as no partisan influence has been brought to the front, it has not secured the attention that its importance demands. It was introduced, as our readers all know, by Mr. Lyon and after the hearing given to the citizens of the place by the committee, it was on second reading passed and ordered engrossed for third reading. On Wednesday Mr. Lyon made a motion to reconsider the vote by which it was passed to third reading, in order to allow Mr. Campbell of Essex to move an amendment which he failed to make at the proper time. The motion to reconsider was carried and Mr. Campbell promptly moved his referendum and stated his reasons for its support. Mr. Lyon spoke in favor of the bill and against the amendment, and a lively debate followed in which Mr. Campbell was told that it was an entirely local affair, concerning the citizens of Metuchen and vicinity alone and his interest in the bill was not easy to see and besides all this only a short time previous he had vigorously opposed the referendum to a borough bill in his own county. The amendment was lost by a vote of 32 to 3. The rules were then suspended and the bill put upon its third reading and passed by a vote of 49 to 1. Mr. Campbell voted for the bill while Mr. Montgomery gave his vote against it. Both houses adjourned till next Wednesday when the Senate no doubt will pass the bill and it will soon receive the Governor's signature and become a law.

Our township election will be held next Tuesday, and all voters will be entitled to vote then, as usual. When the borough bill is passed by the Senate and signed by the Governor, the County Clerk will fix the time for the first borough election.

In and Around the Village

Mumford Dunham, living near Ford's, recently went to Mexico in the employ of an American company, and some weeks ago word came that he had died from an attack of small pox. His young wife is striken with grief at her loss.

Walter Dunham of Fords holds the place in the Ostrander brick works, on the Raritan formerly held by A.M. Horton of Metuchen.

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