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Metuchen Recorder

Saturday, February 24, 1900

Progress vs. Conservatism

These two elements in our village come into conflict in every public measure, and they were present at Trenton on Monday night as the Assembly committee gave a hearing to those representing the borough of Metuchen. There was a large delegation of our citizens present at the hearing, a special car having been provided for their accommodation on the train leaving here at 6:50 p.m.

In and Around the Village

New York Sun, Feb. 21 - Mrs. Ada F. Murray of Norfolk will be married tomorrow morning in Washington DC to Mr. Henry M. Alden. The marriage will be private and will, it is understood, take place at the rectory of an Episcopal church there. The fact that the marriage would occur has been kept secret and only became known by accident today. The bride-elect is the widow of the late Kenton C. Murray, long editor of the Norfolk Landmark. Her son, K. Foster Murray, is at present associate editor of that newspaper. With his wife, he accompanied his mother to Washington tonight. Mr. Alden is at the St. James Hotel and awaits her arrival.

Mrs. Murray, whose husband died on Dec. 15, 1895, is a beautiful woman, greatly admired here. She married Mr. Murray when scarcely 16 and has five children. These are K. Foster Murray, 21; Ada B., 16; Aline and Constance, two younger daughters and Douglas, a five year old boy. Mrs. Murray was born at Edgebrook, Va. Mr. Alden is editor of Harper's Magazine, a place he has held for 31 years. He is about 63 years old, a widower whose wife died about five years ago. He has three daughters.

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Sat., Feb. 24 - Mr. Alden and his bride arrived in Metuchen on the early train, Thursday evening, the marriage having taken place at Washington, in the morning. Mr. Alden is to be congratulated, and Metuchen society will give Mrs. Alden a cordial welcome.

The Telephone

The telephone exchange, with all the connections, is now in good working order, and with all night service will prove more valuable than ever to the subscribers. The following is a list of those who have phones in their homes, or business places: R.H. Becker, P. Carter Bell Company, Campbell & Morris, C.L. Corbin, F.R. Coudert, John Dempsey, C.S. Edgar, F.G. Hoffman, Sidney Hulsizer, Dr. A.C. Hunt, W.T. McAdams, Dr. W.V. McKenzie, Middlesex Water Co., Penn R.R. freight house, John J.W. Reynolds, H.C. Richardson, A.C. Smith, E.K. Soper, E.H. Spear, Geo. H. Ham, P.M. Warner, J.M. Whitman, B. Wittnebert, C.F. Woodward, Wm. Carman, Dr. E.B. Dana, H.A. Martin, Metuchen Club, C.A. Prickitt, Bishop Wilson, Washington Wilson, and the exchange at the Metuchen Pharmacy.



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