How to pronounce "Metuchen"



A 1956 Directory of Metuchen by the Chamber of Commerce of Metuchen includes a poem by L.H. “Bill” Hart about how to pronounce Metuchen.

To Help You Pronounce “Metuchen”

By L. H. Hart

It always was my fond ambition,

To live and die in dear Metition;

But parlor, bedroom, bath and kitchen

For rent or sale? Not in Metitchen!

Every housewife in Metooken

Loves her Kinder, Kirche, and Kuchen.

All the belles in fair Metooshin

Deck with ribbons, lace and ruchin’

Hist’ry carves on our escutcheon

“Brainy Boro of Metuchen!”

Famous men, - I am not Jochen,

Men of note, live in Metochen.

Soon ol’ mammy will be tuckin’

Me in bed, in ol’ Metucken.

Transcribed: 11/2008

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